23/5/2017 -

12.45 -- Buy Nifty CMP 9398 SL 9369 TGTS - 9456-9485-9514

13.35 -- Nifty has moved up a bit (about 20 points or so) in the direction of the trade. However, this being a low conviction signal, stop loss may be tightened to 9380 below hourly bar closing.

15.30 -- After the call was posted, Nifty made a high of around 9433, before turning around and dropping close to 9380 and ending marginally above 9380. Safe players could have booked part and moved SL to breakeven, which would have been hit by now. However, this scenario is not considered since it is a discretionary decision.

Since the hourly bar has not closed before 9380, the position is still on. There are risks of a gap down open, but for the sake of documenting signals, the position is considered open until SL/TGT is  hit.

24/5/2017 -

1.15 pm - The hourly candle has closed at 9365, there by triggering the SL (considering 5 more points extra towards loss as a buffer).



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