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This section will document signals/trades based on mechanical system.

11.15 -- Another TT buy set up is forming, Nifty CMP 9806. Will review and update once it's triggered.

14.55: Entry triggered at 9821 (late update) SL 9740 below CB.


12.00 -- Nifty rose more than a hundred points and touched 9925 after the trade was triggered at 9821. Considering the fact that the minimum R:R is not achieved on this trade and no part booking was recommended, the SL on this trade is now moved to cost, which if hit, the trade will be closed at breakeven.

13.30 - Nifty buy will trigger above 9755 with sl below 9700 (two consecutive hourly closes) with targets 9865-9975-10085. Update will follow once set up comes alive.


10.30 - Trade active at 9780

Target 1 hit, SL at cost on remaining hit on Thursday. Trade closed with +85 points plus
23/6/2017 -- 12:00 -- There is no full signal yet, but Nifty is very close to a key trend determiner and in terms of points the stop loss is small. Hence the call here is -- Risky buy Nifty CMP 9570 SL hourly close below 9550 tgts open

27/6/2017 -- 10.30 -- Nifty did bounce to 9600 levels after entry, but then turned from there and now the hourly bar has closed below 9550, ie at 9533, technically triggering the SL.

Loss of 40 points
23/5/2017 -

12.45 -- Buy Nifty CMP 9398 SL 9369 TGTS - 9456-9485-9514

13.35 -- Nifty has moved up a bit (about 20 points or so) in the direction of the trade. However, this being a low conviction signal, stop loss may be tightened to 9380 below hourly bar closing.

15.30 -- After the call was posted, Nifty made a high of around 9433, before turning around and dropping close to 9380 and ending marginally above 9380. Safe players could have booked part and moved SL to breakeven, which would have been hit by now. However, this scenario is not considered since it is a discretionary decision.

Since the hourly bar has not closed before 9380, the position is still on. There are risks of a gap down open, but for the sake of documenting signals, the position is considered open until SL/TGT is  hit.

24/5/2017 -

1.15 pm - The hourly candle has closed at 9365, there by triggering the SL (considering 5 more points extra towards loss as a buffer).


18/4/2017 -- 13.00 -- Signal strength is not great. Hence risky Sell  Nifty CMP 9195 SL 9227 tgts 9123-9090-8957

14.45 - That was quick and Nifty hit our first target of 9123 and is now trading at 9130. Book part position here and move stop loss to cost, ie 9195 on the remaining.

72 points profit on part position

19/4/2017 - 11.20 - Nifty hit our second target of 9090 and made a low of 9080. It is now trading at 9112. Those with lots in multiples of three can book another one third here. The SL on this trade is now at 9177.


12.00 - Nifty briefly went above 9180 on Friday, thereby triggering the TSL with 18 points profit on remaining position.

Trade closed.

10/4/2016 -
11.10 - Buy NS cmp 9220 SL 9169 tgts -- 9365 - 9515 - 9665

16.30 - The index hit a low 9175 and has closed at 9182. The close does not inspire much confidence in this trade, but then there is no option but to hang on to long until system says otherwise.


15.20 - Nifty started moving down the moment long was triggered yesterday and hit a low of 9172.45 today. SL was at 9169 and hence not taken. Now Nifty is at 9238 and a close above 9225 gives some reason to be optimistic about this trade, that is only as long as it is not invalidated, considering it's markets and anything can happen here.

12/4/2017 -

15:00 - Nifty hit a low of 9161 today, thereby triggering our stop loss at 9169. Trade closed with 51 points loss



10.30 -- Buy will trigger in Nifty upon hourly close above 8881 cmp 8876 .. Stop Loss will be hourly close below 8840.

6/3/2017 --

9.35 -- As per the post, Buy was triggered with hourly bar on Friday second half closing at 8889. Nifty now is at 8955 (an MTM gain of 66 points) ... Updated SL 8859


10.00 -- SL updated to 8915 below hourly closing


13.55 -- Nifty hourly did close below 8915, but did clawback above the level pretty quickly, also triggered a fresh long signal. Hence, this position is still on hold with renewed SL of hourly bar close below 8890


10.10 -- Our SL of 8990 was not hit and Nifty opened today with a gap following BJP's massive win in UP. Nifty is currently trading at 9080. Part position (1/3rd or half depending on the quantity held) can be booked here for a profit of 200 points and SL on the remaining position trailed. Will update SL on remaining by EOD tomorrow. For the sake of safety though an SL can be maintained at 8889 …


12.25 -- Scale in 1/3rd of planned position nifty short at cmp 8734 with SL 30 min close above 8800 for tgts 8650-8580-8525-8450. Can add more lots when proper set ups arise as the index moves in direction of the trade.

16/2/2017 --

11.30 --  The SL on this trade now stands at 8770 (30 min closing basis), above which there may be a case for reversing the trade. That will be updated as and when it happens.

1.20 PM - Add another 1/3rd here at cmp 8760.. reverse position if 30 min close above 8770 .. risk on this 1/3rd negligible.

14.10 - 30 min candle closed at 8778, cmp 8770. Reverse position (-36 points on first 1/3rd and -10 points on second 1/3rd) with sl 30 min close below 8750 for targets 50-100-150 points. Whipsaws may happen again since it could be a trend reversal zone. But system will keep alerting on trades without any biases.



11 -- Nifty opened at 8885 (hence hitting our target 1 and 2 ie +50 and +100 points) ... remaining position is on …
23-1-17 -- 12.00 PM Sell Nifty CMP 8379 SL 8427 TGTs 8310-8250-8220

15.00 -- Index went down upto the open low of 8350 levels after entry at 8379 and bounced from there upon failure to break the open low and is now trading at 8384. The stop loss for this trade now stands updated at 8419 (not much of a change, but TSL as per system has moved lower, hence updated).

19.10 -- The budget is coming up and there is a lot happening in the dollar vis-a-vis other currencies including the rupee and hence the markets could be volatile. The job of this blog is to chronicle trades as per system without any bias and review the performance after a considerably long time of documentation.


10.20 -- SL hit at 8419 ... -40 points ...