23-1-17 -- 12.00 PM Sell Nifty CMP 8379 SL 8427 TGTs 8310-8250-8220

15.00 -- Index went down upto the open low of 8350 levels after entry at 8379 and bounced from there upon failure to break the open low and is now trading at 8384. The stop loss for this trade now stands updated at 8419 (not much of a change, but TSL as per system has moved lower, hence updated).

19.10 -- The budget is coming up and there is a lot happening in the dollar vis-a-vis other currencies including the rupee and hence the markets could be volatile. The job of this blog is to chronicle trades as per system without any bias and review the performance after a considerably long time of documentation.


10.20 -- SL hit at 8419 ... -40 points ...



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