18/4/2017 -- 13.00 -- Signal strength is not great. Hence risky Sell  Nifty CMP 9195 SL 9227 tgts 9123-9090-8957

14.45 - That was quick and Nifty hit our first target of 9123 and is now trading at 9130. Book part position here and move stop loss to cost, ie 9195 on the remaining.

72 points profit on part position

19/4/2017 - 11.20 - Nifty hit our second target of 9090 and made a low of 9080. It is now trading at 9112. Those with lots in multiples of three can book another one third here. The SL on this trade is now at 9177.


12.00 - Nifty briefly went above 9180 on Friday, thereby triggering the TSL with 18 points profit on remaining position.

Trade closed.


  1. Target 1 plus 23 points done. Nice trade posted.


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