10.30 -- Buy will trigger in Nifty upon hourly close above 8881 cmp 8876 .. Stop Loss will be hourly close below 8840.

6/3/2017 --

9.35 -- As per the post, Buy was triggered with hourly bar on Friday second half closing at 8889. Nifty now is at 8955 (an MTM gain of 66 points) ... Updated SL 8859


10.00 -- SL updated to 8915 below hourly closing


13.55 -- Nifty hourly did close below 8915, but did clawback above the level pretty quickly, also triggered a fresh long signal. Hence, this position is still on hold with renewed SL of hourly bar close below 8890


10.10 -- Our SL of 8990 was not hit and Nifty opened today with a gap following BJP's massive win in UP. Nifty is currently trading at 9080. Part position (1/3rd or half depending on the quantity held) can be booked here for a profit of 200 points and SL on the remaining position trailed. Will update SL on remaining by EOD tomorrow. For the sake of safety though an SL can be maintained at 8889 ie at cost/entry level



14.20 -- Nifty CMP is 9147 and the running profit on remaining position as of now is 258 points. The SL can now be moved to 9069. If hit, trade will be closed out with 180 points on the remaining lots. 

This SL at 9069 was hit on 22/3/2017 ... 

Hence trade closed with 180 points profit on the remaining position ...

There was another long entry signal on 23/3/2017, but we missed it and no point chasing it now.  


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