10/4/2016 -
11.10 - Buy NS cmp 9220 SL 9169 tgts -- 9365 - 9515 - 9665

16.30 - The index hit a low 9175 and has closed at 9182. The close does not inspire much confidence in this trade, but then there is no option but to hang on to long until system says otherwise.


15.20 - Nifty started moving down the moment long was triggered yesterday and hit a low of 9172.45 today. SL was at 9169 and hence not taken. Now Nifty is at 9238 and a close above 9225 gives some reason to be optimistic about this trade, that is only as long as it is not invalidated, considering it's markets and anything can happen here.

12/4/2017 -

15:00 - Nifty hit a low of 9161 today, thereby triggering our stop loss at 9169. Trade closed with 51 points loss



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